Plastic Vault Deposit Bag
GCS0912, KeepSafe Ultra, 1 Bundle, Bag A, Clear
Plastic Vault Deposit Bag
GPS1216, KeepSafe Ultra, 2 Bundle, Bag D, Opaque
KeepSafe Plastic Vault Deposit Bag
GCS2233, KeepSafe Ultra, 20 Bundle, Bag J, Clear
Plastic Vault Deposit BagPlastic Vault Deposit BagKeepSafe Plastic Vault Deposit Bag

Vault Bundle Bags

Federal Reserve Compliant Vault Bundle Bags

Ampac offers a complete line of vault bundle security bags that are designed with tamper-evident technology for high-risk applications. Ampac security bags feature an easy-to-use closure that provides a high degree of security against mechanical, freeze, heat, solvent and moisture methods of attack. Once closed, unauthorized attempts to open the bag will cause the closure to void.

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  • Available in Clear or Opaque Film
  • External Pocket Available
  • Up to 20 Bundles of Cash
  • Easy to Write on Surface
  • Sequential Numbering & Barcodes
  • Tear-off Receipts with Matching Bag Number
  • Custom Solutions Available Upon Request

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Shop Ampac Online

Buy KeepSafe Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Versatile Mailers, and unprinted flexible stock pouches.

Feature Innovation

Feature Innovation - Pharmaceutical Track and TraceKeepSafe Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags

Tamper-evident bags for transporting pharmaceuticals through the supply chain.
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