Bank Deposit Bag - 100 Notes
BCS4577, KeepSafe Secure, Strap Bag, 100 Notes
Bank Deposit Bag - 500 Notes
BCS6775, KeepSafe Secure, Strap Bag, 500 Notes
Bank Deposit Bag - 1000 Notes
BCS8580, KeepSafe Secure, Strap Bag, 1,000 Notes
Bank Deposit Bag - 100 NotesBank Deposit Bag - 500 NotesBank Deposit Bag - 1000 Notes

Strap Bags

KeepSafe strap bags provide secure, protective packaging for bank notes in quantities of 100, 500 and 1,000. Easily transport your neatly assembled straps of currency. KeepSafe strap bags can also be used by retailers for internal cash control.

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  • Available in Clear Film
  • Easy to Write on Surface
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Custom Solutions Available Upon Request

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Buy KeepSafe Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Versatile Mailers, and unprinted flexible stock pouches.

Feature Innovation

Feature Innovation - Pharmaceutical Track and TraceKeepSafe Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags

Tamper-evident bags for transporting pharmaceuticals through the supply chain.
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