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Pharmaceutical Distribution, Biohazard & Chemotherapy Drug Bags

Ampac’s Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags are used for the identification, validation, authentication, and tracking and tracing of pharmaceuticals in the supply chain. These bags can be used for a wide range of uses in the supply chain, including individual units or batches of pharmaceuticals being filled, stored, packaged and transported. With extensive background in tamper-evident packaging for the loss prevention industry, Ampac works closely with you to provide application specific products that fit your needs, including local laws and industry standards.

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  • Available in Clear or Opaque Film
  • Leak Proof Bags with Adhesive Closure
  • Training Materials for Operators Available Upon Request
  • Easy to Write on Surface
  • Sequential Numbering & Barcodes
  • Tear-off Receipts with Matching Bag Number
  • Custom Solutions Available Upon Request

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Buy KeepSafe Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Versatile Mailers, and unprinted flexible stock pouches.

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Feature Innovation - Pharmaceutical Track and TraceKeepSafe Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags

Tamper-evident bags for transporting pharmaceuticals through the supply chain.
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