Tamper-Evident Security BagsHelping you prevent loss, every day.

Federal Reserve Compliant Cash Handling and Bank Deposit Bags

KeepSafe®, our premier line of security bags, has earned a reputation for being the most trusted tamper-proof security bags available.

KeepSafe tamper-evident bags are available in three levels of security:

  • KeepSafe Ultra (Gold) – High-Risk applications.
  • KeepSafe Premium (Silver) – Medium-Risk applications.
  • KeepSafe Secure (Bronze) – Low-Risk applications.

Ampac offers multiple lines of tamper-evident bags for online purchase. To learn how Ampac can take your security packaging to the next level, contact a sales representative.

Shop Ampac Online

Shop Ampac Online

Buy KeepSafe Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Versatile Mailers, and unprinted flexible stock pouches.

Feature Innovation

Feature Innovation - Pharmaceutical Track and TraceKeepSafe Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags

Tamper-evident bags for transporting pharmaceuticals through the supply chain.
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