DCV0917, KeepSafe Premium, Dual Deposit
DCS0810, KeepSafe Secure, Single Pocket Deposit

Deposit Bags

Federal Reserve Compliant Cash and Deposit Bags

KeepSafe® deposit bags utilize the most advanced tamper-evident technology to provide the ultimate in security for high (Ultra/Gold), medium (Premium/Silver), and low (Secure/Bronze) risk applications. Ampac KeepSafe deposit bags are designed for direct-to-branch, day/night, armored carrier, and direct-to-vault deposits. Ampac offers a complete line of security packaging to fit any application and are available in single pouch, pouch with external pockets, vertical twin, and horizontal twin deposit bags.

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  • Available in Clear or Opaque Film
  • External and Dual Pocket Available
  • Up to 3 Bundles of Cash
  • Easy to Write on Surface
  • Sequential Numbering & Barcodes
  • Tear-off Receipts with Matching Bag Number
  • Custom Solutions Available Upon Request

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Shop Ampac Online

Buy KeepSafe Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Versatile Mailers, and unprinted flexible stock pouches.

Feature Innovation

Feature Innovation - Pharmaceutical Track and TraceKeepSafe Pharmaceutical Distribution Bags

Tamper-evident bags for transporting pharmaceuticals through the supply chain.
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