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Every day at Ampac, we drive packaging innovations that revolutionize the market. This is what it takes to be the world’s leader in creative packaging solutions. And this is our unwavering commitment. We invite you to join us.

E-Z SnackPak by Ampac

Ampac at Pack Expo 2014

Ampac - Innovation and Creativity

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Ampac Announces Pull Tab™ Innovation at Emballage Show in Paris

Ampac's Pull Tab innovation is an alternative beverage pouch format to the traditional straw punch-through pouch. Advantages include the ability to utilize high-speed filling lines, use for either hot fill (asceptic) or cold fill, individual printing on the label, as well as availability of the pouch in custom shapes and sizes.

IFT Food Expo Innovation Award

Self-Sealing Shopping Bags

Self sealing bags have a peel off adhesive running the width of the handle patch (maximum) on the inside of the bag. Adhesive can be applied to either one or two sides of the bag. The adhesive tape width is customized for varying adhesive strengths and most tops can be re-sealed numerous times depending on adhesive strength.


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