ProAmpac Announces PRO-DURA and PRO-POUCH Reclosable Retort Products

April 14, 2016

Innovations in ProAmpac’s pet food offerings to be featured at Pet Food Forum

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 14, 2016) – ProAmpac, a leading global flexible packaging company, is pleased to announce new pet food packaging solutions from their Ampac and Prolamina brands. ProAmpac will feature innovations to their PRO-POUCH® and PRO-DURA™ products at the 2016 Pet Food Forum.

Ampac’s PRO-POUCH product is a non-foil retort pouch—perfect for wet and semi-wet pet food applications. The design of this specialized pouch began when Freshpet, an innovative pet food company, requested a reclosable retort pouch with a window to view the product. Ampac’s Design and Sample Lab (DASL) initially provided prototypes for sizing. Once the appropriate size was determined, DASL produced additional prototypes for testing that accelerated the project for Freshet.

Ampac’s PRO-POUCH includes a dual purpose retort zipper, allowing consumers hassle free opening while maintaining a secure close during the retort process. In addition, the pouch features clear windows allowing consumers to view the high quality product within the pouch.

Millie Nuno, director of marketing for ProAmpac, states, “Partnering with customers is critical to ensuring the right packaging design and details. The relationship with Freshpet enabled us to deliver an innovative pouch that met specific and stringent requirements quickly and effectively.”

ProAmpac also offers adhesive and extrusion laminated pouching and rollstock for dry and semi-moist pet food and treats, including the popular box pouch commonly referred to as a flat bottom pouch.

Along with pouches, Prolamina’s PRO-DURA polypropylene woven bags offer customers large format and durable packaging for dry pet food applications. Now, PRO-DURA bags can include an optional pinch bottom, giving customers billboard branding space that allows for increased branding opportunities on the shelf or, for big box store displays, a pallet. This innovative closure is more secure than traditional sewn / sewn closures against unwanted infestations. In addition, Prolamina is near completion on their development of PRO-DURA’s laser scored open—an easy open application for consumers. PRO-DURA bags are made in the United States and use exceptional materials with tight weaves, delivering a high-end finished look on each bag.

Art Bucci, senior vice president of business development for Prolamina states, “Legacy coating excellence international was well known for their large format woven bags in the pet food market; but now that we are ProAmpac’s Prolamina brand, we can offer the market a full range of products like pouches, rollstock and retort. Being able to meet all the flexible packaging needs of pet food manufacturers is truly exciting.”

All of ProAmpac’s brands offer exceptional, award winning high definition flexographic and rotogravure printing. With a full in-house graphics department, ProAmpac is able to tightly control all aspects of the design and printing process within controlled lead times. With an experienced HD flexographic printing team—ProAmpac has the packaging, design and press knowledge to make customers’ brands come to life. ProAmpac will be exhibiting at Pet Food Forum, Booth #303, April 19-20 at the Kansas City Convention Center.

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