Ampac Pouches Used to Package Caterpillar Larva Protein to Fight Malnutrition.

January 19, 2015

Burkina Faso is the third poorest country in the world with malnutrition in half of the population and a mortality rate of 50% in children under five years old. Shea caterpillar larva is the major local source of protein; however, they are not available all year long. In 2014, FasoPro launched a ground breaking business model to organize the collection, packing and processing of caterpillar larva, using Ampac’s retort microwavable pouches to prolong the availability of this protein all year round. The larva are cooked and eaten whole or ground into high protein powder and used as a food supplement. The FasoPro project also aims to provide local employment for 15,000 mothers to collect the caterpillars.

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