Ampac Launches New Solventless Overwrap

August 21, 2008

(Cincinnati, OH) - Ampac Flexibles, a unit of Ampac Packaging LLC, introduces a new solventless overwrap lamination for primary or secondary packaging applications. Flexi-Free® 6836 is ideally suited for applications which require excellent barrier but where the highest performance characteristics provided by more expensive foil-based structures is not needed. The lamination is made from: (outer to inner) 48 gauge polyester/48 gauge metalized polyester/.0015 inch linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). The LLDPE layer assists in enhancing puncture resistance and seal characteristics. The clear top polyester layer can be flexographically printed on the reverse side to provide an up to 10-color graphic billboard. This is ideal for consumer applications, such as pre-moistened wipes, dietary supplements, nutrition bars, single-use coffee packs, etc. where a color marketing billboard is desired. Flexi-Free® 6836 is also an ideal overwrap for secondary applications such as medical devices, transdermal patches, vials, etc. It also offers exceptional machineability on high-speed form-fill-seal machines. Flexi-Free® structures are made possible by custom-designed laminating equipment coupled with breakthroughs in adhesives technology. This results in laminations which are essentially solvent free and are also suitable for high performance applications. Historically, solventless structures could not handle the rigors of high performance applications. The adhesives had a tendency to fail at the bonding point which could allow delaminating in challenging applications. Ampac’s Flexi-Free® technology—which couples state-of-the-art equipment with formulation breakthroughs—changes that. The company has invested heavily in equipment and research and development to develop Flexi-Free® at a cost competitive level. The Flexi-Free® technology also can be incorporated into foil-based structures such as the popular polyester/foil/polyethylene combination. Structures also can include a variety of additional substrates depending on the application and required performance attributes.


Ampac drives packaging transformation and performance by creating packages that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than those used by competitive brands. Ampac’s comprehensive approach to packaging is a balance of rigorous, technology-driven thinking and exceptional creativity. It is a diversified global packaging company with 13 manufacturing centers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit Ampac’s website at:

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