Ampac Introduces Design and Sample Lab (DASL) for New Product Technologies

October 24, 2014

Ampac, the world’s leader in creative packaging solutions, introduces the Design and Sample Lab (DASL) for quick delivery of custom sample concepts and technologies.

Ampac’s Design and Sample Lab (DASL) is an innovative new design laboratory located at Ampac’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. DASL (pronounced dazzle) houses new equipment and capabilities for design, art, printing and production of one-off or small quantities of commercial quality premade pouch prototypes of new concepts. DASL also creates new design modifications or new art for consumer, packaging or marketing evaluations.

With the introduction of the DASL Lab, Ampac is able to deliver custom, commercially printed pouch concepts and prototypes to customers with exceptional speed allowing the evaluation of new designs, art and shapes in a commercial format within days rather than weeks. It also accelerates the time for sizing and evaluating design and art prior to going to manufacturing.

The DASL Lab is unique because customer brands can now utilize the new capabilities and equipment of design and sample making from a flexible packaging manufacturer that has both the know-how of materials and the capacity to create and seal pouches that represent commercially produced pouches. This provides proof of concept and the ability for packaging development, marketing and manufacturing to evaluate new package designs as they would appear in their plant (for filling) and at retail. In addition, manufacturability and filling capability are taken into consideration for uniquely designed pouches so samples are more real world and able to be commercialized.

Ampac’s Vice President of Innovation and Technology, Sal Pellingra states, “The DASL Lab is a great addition to Ampac’s capabilities. It conveniently bridges the functions of design, prototyping and manufacturing for our customers. DASL, with Ampac’s flexible packaging know-how, has already enabled sales of new product introductions and has accelerated evaluations of package designs. Having physical commercial quality prototypes of a new concept really aids in the evaluation and speed to market of new package designs. DASL keeps ’creative’ at the forefront of Ampac’s vision as the world’s leader in creative packaging solutions.”


Ampac drives packaging transformation and performance by creating packages that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than those used by competitive brands. Ampac’s comprehensive approach to packaging is a balance of rigorous, technology-driven thinking and exceptional creativity. It is a diversified global packaging company with 13 manufacturing centers in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit Ampac’s website at:

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