Flexo-printed retort pouch

July 23, 2012

Ampac produced a standup pouch for Tesco’s Finest Soup that markedly differs from standard rotogravure-printed retort pouches. The standup pouch is flexo printed, which lends extraordinary graphic effects to this hard-to-print packaging format. Ampac’s eight- to ten-color flexographic printing process utilizes a urethane ink system. Autoclave sterilization requirements can be met without making concessions to print quality. The result is one of the few flexo-printed standup retort pouches with high-definition printing. The matte look of the standup pouch is eye-catching on supermarket shelves and replaces the more traditional rigid packaging formats for retort soups. The Tesco standup pouch won an award from the Flexible Packaging Association as well as from Graphic Design USA.


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